Hi, I am Abdul J.

I created Oliver Money after a period of making some terrible financial decisions. I was your typical teenager who would spend ridiculous sums of money, and then wonder where it all went. At one point, I even called my bank because I thought someone had hacked into my account.

However, I have been able to turn that around by changing how I thin about money. As of writing, I am just about to finish building a 4 bedroom house without taking a loan or mortgage of any kind.

After helping my family and friends to find simple ways to retain more of their income, I decided to reach out to a wider audience.

I never recommend products or services I am not happy with.

My hope is that Oliver Money helps you and your loved ones to save more money, find new ways to increase income, and most importantly, live life to the max.

For any comments or enquiries, please fill in the short form below.